Thursday, 9 September 2010

LSNED 9th September

Sometimes I get so caught up in teaching that I forget to open my mind to learning. That happened today. I was so busy teaching all day that I wasn't really thinking about learning and as I drove home from school I couldn't really think of anything that I'd learnt since all day I've been standing in front of kids teaching the same things I've been teaching for the last 7 years and because it's the first week there's not much interaction because the pupils just sit and watch and try to suss me out and work out how much of a push over I might be- next week they'll do the pushing and find out that I'm not much of one (fingers crossed). I did discover that I was rather disappointed when I heard one girl whisper (as much as a secondary school pupil can whisper) 'She's nice' and felt as if somehow I'd failed to make the impression on them that I had meant to, but time will tell. I was trained 'not to smile until Christmas' but this is not something I find easy because kids crack me up. So perhaps that is the small lesson I have learnt today, something about myself. I want the respect that is supposed to follow not smiling until Christmas but I don't actually want to be unsmiling until then!


lisa said...

No smiling until Christmas.
Oh so harsh. Can you really go that long? I can't imagine you being anything other than lovely. x

Rebekah said...

Absolutely not. I smiled the very first lesson! x

Natalie said...

Ha! I remember getting told that when i was training - i laughed :)

I smile the first day. Never had she's nice on the first week...usually get "oh god we've got miss - quick sort your tie out and where the $%^& is my blazer" followed by an apology a week later...then "glad we got you - safe miss - can we have you next year" then "legend miss".

gotta love teaching :)