Monday, 31 March 2008

Mother's day book

I haven't been very crafty recently so I thought I'd share some projects that I haven't had a chance to share before now. Here is the Tag book I made for Mum for Mother's day this year.

My favourite tag is this one. The journalling reads 'Mothers and daughters are closest when daughters become mothers'. I thought that that was a lovely quote and apt in this case. This is my favourite photo of Connor and I.

The whole book opens up to reveal the word mother. I used Maja Road Chipboard with bazil basics card stock to create the tag book. Thank you to Voodoo Vixen for the inspiration and instructions.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

I'm a Drama Queen

Yes, it's true. I'm a drama queen. Looking forward to my first UKS Cybercrop. Will have to get organised though. At the moment my stash is all over the place. I have so many projects I want to get finished, perhaps that will be a good time to do it?

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Excitement, excitement, excitement!

What a week! There has been so much happening and it's flown by.

Firstly, I had an offer accepted on a house- yay. And it has a pretty entrance so the photos for the moving LO should be nice. Lol!

Secondly, I had an email today from Silly Monkeys to tell me that I'd been short listed to be part of their design team!! I'm really chuffed about that.

And lastly- the UKS Cybercrop information was released :) I'm a drama queen! Anyway, off to make some button fairies now. More tomorrow.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Quackas' CJ: Poetry

Well, here is the promised CJ post! I have completed my first CJ entry and I hope I won't disappoint :) I really tried to have fun with this and to not worry about it being someone else's book too much. At the end of the day, it's supposed to be my entry, in my style and I hope that that's what I've created. I actually did the RHLO first. It's a poem that I wrote in 1992 when I was 16. It's a school girl's take on love but I still quite like bits of it :)

Because I wrote it when I was young I've tried to give it a 'young' feel with the pastels and buttons.

To balance that out my second LO is an Emily Dickson poem that I love. It's a grown up's poem, on a grown up page. The ribbon paper is fab and meant that I didn't have to add too many embellishments to make the page look complete.

I hope that you like them Karen!


It's 12:18. It is no longer my Birthday. But I actually had a pretty nice time tonight. We went to the dogs in Reading and I won a little bit of money. I don't know why I like going really because I hate to lose money and because I hate to lose money- I never bet :) Tonight I did though and it was 6/1 so I won some money. Anyway, I wanted to share my LO before I go to sleep. I wanted to capture the colour that comes from all of Connor's toys. That and the colour that he brings to my life. I notice it a lot at the moment. I am pleased with the LO. I love the colour!


Finally got to sit down to share my CJ with you all. I sent it on its way at the beginning of the week and I received my first one yesterday too :) I've already done my DLO in Karen's 'Poetry' CJ and I'll share them with you later in the week. But today I'd like to share my CJ. Here are the covers, the LO and all the sundries I sent to Sarah. I'm not sure what I think about the outside of the CJ. I chose the paper because it had lots of travel/journey words but the colours are a little dull. But then I've tried to make up for it by using super coloured paper inside. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else does in it.

Saturday, 15 March 2008


Not much time for blogging this week! Have been having fun though :) On Thursday I went to The Scrap Cafe crop and discovered that Lorraine has a Cricut! OMG! I want one :) Cut the circles for this LO and some cars for my CJ. I will post some photos of my CJ later.

This LO is my weekly challenge for UKS. We had to include a freindship theme, metal and circles. I'm really pleased with the LO. The paper is fantastic and I love my new foam thickers and the autumn leaves journalling stamp I won at Papermaze too. Think they work well with the photo- which I also love.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Feeding the ducks

What a gorgeous day it turned out to be after a wet start (although some of you might have missed that since my day starts at 5.30am every day!). A perfect day for being out and about and feeding the ducks :)

Today's LO I'm sharing with you is my UKS weekly challenge which had to be nature based, use green, use a sketch provided and have a recycled element. It shows my Mum and Son feeding the ducks. They love to feed the ducks together and, as the journalling says, Connor quacks all the way to the pond which is very cute. I'm pleased with the LO, but wish the photos were better quality. It really pays to use a good quality photo paper. The paper is Basic Grey Phoebe and I've just overlaid ribbons and threads where they were on the page to give it dimension. It's nice to add some pink to LO, as it's something I don't get to do often being the Mum of a boy.

I've been looking at houses to move to today. I can't help seeing life in LOs though. As I walk up to each house I'm thinking about what a photo might look like of us walking over the threshold and is there enough natural light in the house etc etc. I'm pretty sure I can't choose a house on that basis!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Prom night pals

Here is the promised LO! I really love this Bohemia range and think it works really well with the photo- a bit of glamour. The LO is based on Pencil Lines Sketch #74. No time to write anything else tonight.

Bohemia 'My Mind's Eye' Paper (both sides)
Bohemia blooms with Making Memories velvet brads
Making Memories Shimmer Black Alphabet
Fab ribbon and thread selection from Lorraine at The Scrap Cafe.

Thursday Thinking!

I've joined a Newbie Circle Journal! I'm not sure what I've let myself in for with topics amoungst the team such as 'Super Women' but it's bound to challenge me and I do like a challenge. My first challenge is to come up with a definite theme. I had thought of making a book for my sisters 30th next year all about 1979 but I've been advised that I won't want to give this CJ away! My next idea was to make a recipe book with everyone's favourites in, and this is something that I may come back to (I already have a picture of my favourite starter- see!). But yesterday I was driving up the M3 after dark and there were a surprising amount of blue glowing backs of cars! It made me a little sad to think that these children are missing out on the fun that was childhood car journeys, playing simple games like i-spy but also more complicated and longer running ones like 'Pub Cricket' that I can't really remember the rules to, but remember being a lot of fun. I would hate to forget to teach that to my children and that got me thinking that I should ask my Dad for the rules and then include it in a Car Games for Kids CJ!! Now I just have to check that my CJ team have some games that they could include.

Tonight, I have to say, I am loving Bohemia. I bought a great collection from The Scrap Cafe on Saturday and have put together a yummy page that I will share with you tomorrow using the Pencil Lines sketch #74, which is another beauty. I've also nearly completed my weekly challenge for UKS but need to print the main photo at Boots because the quality isn't good enough. It's all very green in Reading this week, I have to say!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Little Tike on a Trike

This is based on Mojoholder challenge #52. It shows my son on his trike, which he LOVES at the moment. I cut the stars from cardboard using a Big Shot and used Thickers for the title so it was a really quick and easy LO. Pleased with it though.

Fauquier High School Layered LO

I wanted to make up one LO to record my year in America but that involved a LOT of journalling. I found the Scenic Route Lined Paper and used this for this purpose. Using acetate, I added a second layer with my report card decorated with some blooms and more scenic route paper, a third layer with a pocket enclosing my graduation announcement and a top layer with a photo of my year book photo, some scenic route charlotte quincey paper and MM blooms. I'm really pleased with the result.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Pencil Lines #73 Totally Tom

I have been to my crop in Caversham today. I actualy achieved a lot and am pleased with all the LO I've done today. The first I'd like to share with you is my take on Pencil Lines Sketch #73 which I thought was just gorgeous. The photos is of my 8 Year old second Cousin. The materials I've used are Basic Grey papers- Romani and Phoebe and alpahbet- Perhaps, with DCVW textured cardstock and Makes sense supplies chipbase from deluxe designs.