Monday, 13 September 2010

LSNED 13th September

I read Shimelle's prompt this morning thinking, 'Wow! Another coincidence'. As I was walking the dog this morning I was thinking how nice it is not to work on Mondays. Last year I did and the weekends were kind of spoilt by having to get organised on Sunday night ready for work on Monday, with marking and planning replacing relaxing in front of the TV and enjoying every drop of the weekend. This year I don't have that feeling. I enjoy the whole of the weekend and then I get ready for work on Tuesday on Monday instead. You would think that that back to work feeling would happen which ever day proceeded the day you went to work but for me it doesn't. I don't resent work this year because it doesn't interfere with my weekend. Does that make sense?

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Natalie said...

total sense!! I don't get that feeling anymore I think i am past caring (my bad!)
I don't leave work on friday until i am ready for work on monday if you get me :)