Friday, 30 April 2010

Monopoly Cybercrop- Angie's Angel Islington

My second class of the Monopoly Cybercrop was Angie's 'Angel Islington'. This is her LO 'Innocent Eyes'. Angie is one of those people that I would say has a definite style. You can recognise her bold and strong LOs a mile off.
I liked the techniques that she included in her class but the multiple frames were a bit heavy for me so I reduced the size. Initially I did have multiple frames but they still didn't look right so in the end I went for using one frame cut from a pizza box and doodled on. Bit of a cop out, but I don't see the point in creating a LO if it's never going to go in my album and this LO will got in my album :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Monopoly Cybercrop: Bow Street

Kicking off the Monopoly Cybercrop on Friday was Gertie (Sarah Palmer) with her LO 'Love you to the moon and back'. I didn't get to Leigh's until 7.30pm so I was behind before I started but soon caught up and created my LO 'Double Trouble'. I wouldn't usually mix my fonts for a title, or use acrylic but I do really like the effect so might well use it again :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Monopoly Cybercrop: Mystery Kit

Each cybercrop the sponsors offer each team a mystery kit. This year, being a car, mine was from Lyn at Craft Emporium. I ordered it fairly late on (thanks to Tony for being it for me :) ) and it had to come by sea as the planes were still grounded from the Isle of Mann then and when I got it I didn't have an inspiration at all so wasn't sure I'd make the deadline. I had a quick look in the Two Peas gallery and found a LO to lift. They'd made a frame from cardstock but I wanted to give my LO even more depth so I used the pizza box instead and painted it with black acrylic. I inked the edges of my paper and painted one corner where I wanted the rub ons to show up well.
Rather than leaving it at that though, I decided to create a hinged photo to put a another photo and more rub ons underneath.The flowers were a bit girly for this LO so I made an origami windmill out of some patterned paper and added a button for the centre.

I ended up with a LO I love to commerorate Connor's first week at preschool :)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Monopoly Cybercrop: Pre-crop challenge

So this weekend saw the Monopoly cybercrop get underway. Sadly I was traipsing through the Oxfordshire countryside with a DofE group so was only able to join in on Friday night but there were a couple of things I got involved in before the CC got underway. The first was the precrop challenge 'Officer Mallory'. Fi said 'this challenge is to scrap your own 'Officer Mallory', that person that has either been a constant in you or your families life, or who has had a profound effect or brought about a huge change (for the better of course ).'

I decided to scrap a photo of my Nan. My family is something that I need to scrap more of, especially the old photos I have of them. Nan was seamstress to the queen and loved making fancy dress costumes for us and made wedding dresses for my four older cousins too. I was upset when Nan had a stroke that left her hands weaker and she wasn't able to make my dress too, but I think I did pretty well up until that point with a Victoria Plum, Queen of Hearts, Wonderwoman and various other fancy dress costumes. Nan was also a true matriarch. You could trust her to know everything about every member of our family. It was to her house that we went for big get togethers and events. She was def a constant in our lives. So my LO 'Queen of thimbles' is testament to all that.

I printed the photo of my Nan at 21 years old on to some white denim and was pleased with the result. I used cosmo cricket 'Material Girl' papers and the Bazzil In Stitch'z Template: Silly Stitches from Indigo Mill. I didn't like how the stiching looked on the corrugated card though so I covered it with a second row of tape measure twill to cover it. Then it was a case of tearing, inking, rubbing on and stamping various things on to the page and adding embellishments and hey presto- a LO that I think really does my Nan justice.

I fell back on the pagemaps sketch that I loved for this one too.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Five things to scrap

I wish that I'd had more time this weekend to join in with Shimelle's great online crop weekend but sadly I had loads of marking to do before coming back to work today :( Shimelle's final challenge of the weekend was to think about the five things that I haven't scrapped but feel I should have. There are so many things that I don't have photos of that I wish I could scrap. This weekend's 'The Studio' challenge focuses on that so I've had a go at scrapping some things that I don't have photos to scrap with and it's not as hard as you might think. Watch this space and I'll show you some tomorrow.

But anyway, my list of things I feel I should scrap:

1. I'm planning on scrapping my family tree this year. I need to have more LOs of my extended family and their achievements.

2. I was really proud to be made god daughter to Abbie and as yet I've not scrapped these photos so that's def a photo I will be doing soon!

3. I spent a year in America between my A-levels and Uni and although I don't have very many photos I should really record this year as it was an important one for me and changed me quite a lot.

4. I've been scrapping my life in its entirity as you'll probably notice. The good, the bad and the ugly in no particular order. I've scrapped my wedding, my divorce, and the hen night but not the honeymoon so to really close that chapterI need to do that one.

5. Finally, I would like to do a LO that recognises the career part of me in my role as a teacher. I've been teaching for 7 years and have never do a LO about my job.
Thanks for getting me to think about these Shimelle. I now have a 'to do' list!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Studio Challenge

The Studio has moved to a new home here but the weekly challenge continue :) This week Amanda challenges you to scrap an event that you don't have a photo of. I'm sure that you all have lots of those. The first thing that I thought of was my first Robbie Williams concert. I have a ticket so I used that as the 'photo' and got happy with the glimmer mist again!
I also wanted to record my experience of being diagnosed with precancerous changes in my cells last Easter and again this year and the subsequent removal of them in the LLETZ procedure so that worked for this challenge too with a ton of journalling (although I wanted to write more and ran out of space).
Enjoyed this challenge though. It got me thinking :)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shimelle's Online Crop

Shimelle has done it again :) I've been having a scrapping lull and haven't really been in the mood but in the last six hours I have created five LOs!!

Shimelle's online crop started yesterday at 6pm with a cupcake challenge. I was amazed when I looked through my papers this afternoon and found that I have no cupcake paper at all. But I did remember buying some cupcake fabric last year so I dug that out for this LO about Connor's favourite part of making cakes.

Shimelle loves her woodgrain and asked us to scrap her LO with a woodgrain title for the next challenge of the evening. I used a big photo of Bailey's first walk and stamped using the banana frog woodgrain stamp (although the bottom worked better than the top). For the first challenge of today Shimelle asked us to scrap using four squares as a background. I condensed the sqaures slightly as the photo is fairly small and it allowed space for some journalling and doodling around the edges too.
The 2pm challenge was to lift one of four LOs. As luck would have it I had started a lift last year, so I took the oppurtunity to finish it off for this challenge :)It's times like these that I am glad I am a messy scrapbooker :) I pull bits out for LOs and then I don't like them but they stay on my table. So I had some scraps left over from previous LOs and bits of material and all sorts laying around on the desk so I was able to put this LO together. I love the hearts which are an idea I got from Kathleen Glossop.

Thanks Shimelle :)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Up for Anything: New Beginnings

I've removed the journalling from this one, but this is my entry in to the CJ 'New Beginnings'.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Starter for Ten: 'Christmas Traditions'

The Starter for Ten CJ this month saw me scrapping Christmas Traditions. We always put our letters for Father Christmas on the bird table. Robin takes it to him, and also tells him if we've been bad or good this year :)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

AMOP The return

The CJ I've been doing for the last two years hosted by Alicat, 'All My Own Photos' came to an end last month but we decided to stick together for another round so here's my entry for March 2010 'New buddy'. I couldn't find paper that inspired me so I used some sacking instead and I like the feel of the LO as a result.

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Studio Challenge

Another weekend, another challenge from 'The Studio'. Amanda wrote 'This week I want to see your boy pages! Whether you have a son, a brother, a husband or a father, lets see them on a layout! And because this is, after all, a challenge - you can't use BLUE!'. Okay, so I may have cheated just a teency, weency bit but since I have a new boy in the house it seems a shame not to scrap about him. This one also doubles up as my Chinese Whispers LO for Group 1, lifted from Debbie's 'Poser' LO:

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone :)

Well, the weather has actually been pretty kind after all. On Friday we had a lovely trip to Brighton and ate fish and chips in the sunshine on the beach! Yesterday we spent the morning in London doing some window shopping and enjoying ourselves, again in the sunshine and this morning I've been doing some gardening.

Today is Sunday so it's challenge day on 'The Studio'. To be perfectly honest I'd forgotten that it was my turn to do a LO this week but luckily the LO I did this week for my Chinese Whispers life fitted with the premise, and is what I was going to scrap about anyway :) So in today's challenge Amanda says 'Well, spring is here! Is everyone else as excited as I am to have warmer weather on the way? So this week, let's focus our layouts on the theme of "New Life". Interpret that however you like! Happy Easter!'

New life for me right now means Bailey, our puppy so here's the LO :)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Prize Draws

Welcome to April everyone :) It started off so promisingly down here with glorious sunshine and I was able to get out in the garden this morning, but the sunshine dissolved in to showers after lunch sadly. Tomorrow we're off to Brighton for a day trip and it's looking like rain then too- sigh!!

But now on to more cheerful things- PRIZES!!!! I have lots of winners to announce :)

There were four lovely LOs created to be in the draw for the £10 Indigo Mill voucher from Sarah, Sarah, Caroline and Jenny. And the randomly selected winner is Caroline and here's her LO.
The signed copy of 'Paper, Scissors, Death (Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft Mysteries)' by Joanna Campbell Slan is on it's way to a new home with Toni who had this to say:-
Alma is the very lucky winner of $10 'My Little Bit of Whimsy' gift voucher thanks to Kathleen. Here's Alma's LO.
Papermaze sent me a pack of prima goodies for five lucky commenters and those randomly selected people were: Brittany(27 March 2010 20:19), Natalie (22 March 2010 19:34), GrammaR (22nd March 2010 07:19), Jimjams (20 March 2010 16:49) and hlcarroll (20 March 2010 22:27).

Terri was the random winner of Nic's giveaway :)

Winning the Basic Grey stamp set from Craft Emporium is my5bratz:

The Pencil Lines Sketch Book is yours Jenny

Thank you again to everyone who joined in and congratulations to the winners. Please can you email me your address and I'll get the prizes to you after Easter? rebekah_brumby at