Thursday, 29 January 2009

Where the heck did January go???

So the new year's resolution to blog more didn't quite work out then?! I can't believe that it's almost the end of January already. I have had a productive month however, scrap wise if nothing else ;)

Last weekend a UKS friend (Lis) and I went to The Living Rainforest for a photo shoot. I nearly didn't take my camera but I'm so glad that I did. The photos were stunning and I couldn't wait to scrap them. The first I fired off pretty quickly using a Pencil Lines sketch from a while back. The second was in response to Shimelle's 'Scrap like you mean it' challenge on UKS, in which she provided a sketch for us to work from. I was really pleased with how both of them worked out.

This week's challenge on UKS was set by Blooming Pages. We had to scrap an animal for 10 points, use stitching for 10 pts and use black, red or yellow for 10 pts. I had a fabulous photo of Connor after his face painting last week. The perfect paper I had used for my sister's cat LO that I gave her framed last year. I still had some odd bits left though so I cut out the paw prints and stuck them around the edge. The hardest part was incorporating stitching on what was a fairly simple design. I spent ages stitching around the letter 'C' but it just looked stupid so in the end I settled for two stitches to hold the 'C' in place in the title!! Almost a cheat but not quite.

The other two pieces I've been working on this week are the pre-crop challenge that is based on
as our inspiration and the LO for the Scrap Sisters challenge on the 16th February. Don't want to unveil either of them just yet though so watch this space.

This weekend I have a CJ to get ready for posting on Monday and various pieces that are in my head at the moment, just calling out to be put to paper!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Shimelle is a star!!

I was doing so well, wasn't I?! Although I've not been posting on my blog I have been hard at it scrapping wise. I was thrilled this morning to have an email from Cheryl at SI asking for one of my LO and am going to pack that up to send tomorrow.

It's been an exciting week on UKS too, with the unveiling of the 'Murder, Mystery and Mayhem' cybercrop. I've been assinged to the FBI and have been enjoying the challenges so far. I didn't manage to resist the kits though and had to buy both Bubbly Funk and Shimelle's.

Speaking of Shimelle, she is doing a free mini class to say thank you for the wonderful experiences she's had as a result of what she calls the 'crazy scrapbooking thing'. I think that it's very her! I've only met her once at the Skraptacular retreat but she is a lovely warm and funny person and her giving this free mini class is fab! I'm really looking forward to having a go. Thanks Shimelle! (For more information, click here:) )

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well, I have been a little absent recently! Since Boxing Day I've been back in the scrapping mood and have messed up what was a tidy scrap room but have created 9 new LOs. I'd forgotten how calming and all consuming scrapping was and can't wait for my Snapfish delivery- hopefully tomorrow. I will share the LOs with you another time (mainly because I'm living in hope of getting some sunshine in which to photograph them ;) ). Today I'd like to show you my CJ entries. I did two just before Christmas to finish off the 10 month adventure. They were Roo's 1968 and Sarah's Fairytale females. I don't seem to have taken photos of the Fairytale females. I did Snow white. For 1968 I did a review of the year. I was fairly pleased with the results;