Saturday, 13 March 2010

March, a month of merriment

March is a busy month for me. I have a large number of family Birthdays, my own Birthday and of course it's Mother's day. So it makes sense that my challenge be something to do with Mothers or Birthdays (especially since my Mum's Birthday actually falls on Mother's day this year!), but I don't like to be predictable :) So a tedious link for you...
Monday is the ides of March.
The ides of March is a festival of the Roman god Mars.

Mars is the forth planet from the Sun.

The forth bridge featured on the £1 coin in 2004.

In the FA cup final of 2004 Man U beat Millwall 3-0.And the challenge for this month is to:

use red (the colour of Mars),
use ruched up ribbon (to represent the forth bridge),
use three of something (the goals that Man U scored)

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