Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day all you Mums out there. I hope that you'll have a restful day and have breakfast in bed at the very least. A special Happy Mother's Day to my Mum as it's also her Birthday today :)

I'm getting a lot of inspiration from the Prima website these days. I loved one of the LOs that I spotted right at the beginning of the year (but can I find it now I want to credit it? No! so apologies to however's LO I lifted). I decided to make it in miniature for my Mum's Mother's Day card this year and I'm really pleased with it.
The poem I chose for inside was from this website and reads;

Mothers are as total as the sky;
Older than the earth, and more enduring.
They're rooted in our hearts like ancient trees,
Halfway down to seething lava seas;
Emblazoned on our sail,
and on our mooring.
Returning home, we dwell within their sigh:
So maddening, so rich, so reassuring.

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