Friday, 19 March 2010

An introduction to blog hopping

Is everyone getting in to the party spirit with me? Hope so! I thought I'd just pop by and do a little introduction to what's occurring this weekend.

I've changed how it's going to work in the last 24 hours so at 7pm I'll post my blog entry with a little project for you to have a go at. The next blog that you should visit will be listed at the bottom of my entry and that blog should have a new blog entry ready for you, with another little project for you to try if you fancy it (and you will!) and so on. On Saturday morning things will kick off again at 8am and again on Sunday morning. It all got a bit confusing in the last few days so ther are now 36 blogs for you to visit, four on Friday, 16 on Saturday and 16 on Sunday.

In case you get lost, I will also update my blog every hour with an introduction about the person who's blog has gone live and remind you of the blog address you need. I'll also tell you if there's a giveaway associated with the blog :)

As I've said before, one of the great things about blogs is that the ideas, tutorials, challenges will be there for ages and ages so any time you need a mojo MOT you can pop back over and see what inspires you so even if you can't join in this weekend, come along some other time and have a look at what's been going on.

I hope you'll stop by when you can this weekend and say hi and let us know what you think of all our projects. Everyone loves reading comments so please don't be shy.

Thanks for helping me to celebrate my Birthday and enjoy the party! See you back here at 7pm tonight :)


cannycrafter said...

Happy Birthday Rebekah!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday

tea_bag said...

Happy birthday thanks to CC for pointing me in the right direction alma xx

nikki said...

What a fantastic idea - I have a bit of a manic weekend ahead with visitors but will do my best to pop in where I can - good luck hope it all goes to plan :)

nikki said...

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way :)

Laura G said...

Happy Birthday to you!!x