Saturday, 24 October 2009

What were you doing three years ago?

Isn't it weird that on any other day I wouldn't be able to answer that question probably. Not without looking in a diary to see if there was a hint. But today I can answer that without hesitation. At 10.18am I was giving birth to my son.

Yes, today Connor is three. I really don't know where the time has gone and it's only when I look back at the photos of the last three years that I remember just how much he has changed.

Connor October 2007

Connor October 2008 (and yes I take full responsibility for the hair cut and have not forgotten my promise never to cut Connor's hair myself!)

We've made it through the terrible twos relatively easily. Connor is undeniably Connor now. He is his own person. He is more and more independent. But he still likes his cuddles and I hope that in 15 years time I'll still be able to say that!! So Happy Birthday Connor, with all my love.

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Tony said...

Well done you for making a great kid ! tx