Monday, 26 October 2009

Blogging for beginners.

Have you seen Shimelle's latest online class? It sounds like a lot of fun and it's all about blogging. I love how she describes how she now describes what she does for a living and I hope that she won't mind me quoting her here;
'...there is one thing I do not love. And that is explaining what I do for a living.
Keep in mind that ‘scrapbooking’ is not an understood word in this country, so ‘scrapbooker’ would be even crazier. And the frustration is found in exactly how simple scrapbooking can be to us: it’s photos we’ve taken and words we’ve written and pretty things we’ve arranged to remember our lives. No matter how fabulous that seems to us, whenever I start to say that aloud, non-scrapbookers tend to look at me as if I have three heads. '

How many people do you know who have done the same thing?? Check out her blog to find out how to describe scrapping without the three head syndrome :)

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