Thursday, 22 October 2009

The email, the bitch and the earache.

I have not had the best week it has to be said. I mixed bag of strange and somewhat bitter encounters have clouded an already busy time and my brain is fried. Throw in an earache and some antibiotics and you get the image of me right now.

But yesterday Connor and I went for a photoshoot. It was free. I had my makeup done and my hair styled. The studio part was actually pretty fun but the long day with a 2 year old wasn't especially, more so because of my being ridiculously tired than any bad behaviour on his part, and I was glad to be home and in bed by 8 pm.
I took this photo of Connor (just before the photographer came back into the room and told me I wasn't allowed to take photos in the studio (and I'd amassed loads by then because she'd been gone so long!!!!!). I've used the Indigo Mill October challenge and have a LO all ready to go for that and SLYMI this week, but I had no photo. Essentially the LO is the story of Connor at 3. I was going for a happy, smiley photo because that's what he is. But what I've actually caught here is still so Connor. This is his tired face. This is Connor zoning out for a minute. You'll notice the vacant look and the staring eyes. This look is the one that is usually followed by the words 'I'n not tired' (and yes I meant to put 'I'n' and not 'I'm' because that is what he says!). It does not work with the LO I have created, but it is a truely Connor photo nonetheless. So out comes the camera again today to try to capture a more alive still of Connor at 3.


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Awww bless him he looks so cute and grown up :o Hope you feel better soon
J xx

Tony said...

i hope you feel better soon !Great picture of Connor its so him :-) and you'll be treated like a princess in a couple of days xx