Thursday, 29 October 2009

A nice surprise

Today I had a lovely surprise when the postman knocked on my door. It was a goody bag from Scrapbook Inspirations because they published my email in the latest edition of the magazine.

Look what was in my goody bag! I wasn't expecting it at all but it was mush appreciated so thank you SI. What a shame they are not publishing anymore. Not sure what to do instead :(

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nat said...

Wow - thats a lot of pretty funky stuff!! Well done fellow teamie :)

Thought you'd deleted your blog as i hadn't seen any updates for a bit, but you just changed it.

Hope things are better - and you're not a robot. I love reading your blog - just toughen up girl!!
Steph's mum has spent a good year telling me to do that - so i did it :)

n x