Sunday, 13 September 2009

Learning something new everyday

If you're playing along with Shimelle you'll know that she emails a prompt each day to help you think about what you're learning each day. It's now day 13 (why is it I can't say that now without a geordie accent saying it in your head, I wonder?!) and I've not learnt anything new so far but it's only 7.00 am so plenty of time for that. I have been thinking a lot more about what's going on around me though and have been learning things. Some of the things I'm including aren't exactly things that are new, but things that I've remembered on that day and things that need to be remembered from now on. I've printed the photos to scrap the first few entries, and now I just need the time to do it :) I thought I'd give a bit more background to what I've learnt here though.

1st September: Mushrooms are yummy!
There are some foods that I just didn't like; mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, corn on the cob for example but as I get older I seem to like more and more foods. I thought that it was the result of being pregnant (and certainly that's when I started to crave black olives) but maybe it's just because I'm getting older, and have to encourage my own child to eat a variety of food. I did draw the line at tasting the liver dish I used to give Connor when he was a baby however- yuck!

2nd September: Woodford Park has two playgrounds
We moved to Woodley last August and have been visiting the duck pond and park at Woodford Park since then. Today we went to play with one of Connor's friends and I discovered that there is another park tucked away. Connor often talks to me about the helicoptor and now I know what he's talking about!

3rd September: If Connor wakes up and both his Dad and I are in the same building, it is me he comes to cuddle first.
I am very insecure about Connor's enjoyment of my company compared to that of his Dad. I'm very conscious of the fact that it's easy to entertain a child on a 24 hours a week basis- to give him exactly what he wants when he wants and to take him to lots of fun places and buy lovely toys. On this morning, and every morning that we were in Germany Connor woke up in a room that he was sharing with his Dad, and came next door to climb in to bed with me. I loved that!

4th September: Playdough is quite relaxing really
Connor is an only child and as such he seems to have learnt to entertain himself. He's happy playing by himself and only occassionally asks me to join in off his own back. Today was one of those days though and I found playing with him and the playdough realy relaxing. I can see why he likes it so much.

5th Septemeber: Bubblegum ice cream is not delicious
Connor visited his Dad in Germany earlier in the summer and every night he told me about the bubblegum ice cream he's had and how delicious it is. I tried some. It's not!

6th September: Business class is adjustable!
I've always assumed that business class on a plane is a set area. The curtain attatches to the plane so why would I think otherwise? Today I found out that that part of the plane can move to accomodate as many people who wish to fly business. Who knew?!

7th September:I never tire of teaching Food Lesson 4

This is one of my favourite lessons to teach, if not the favourite. It involves a pink rubber glove, a washing up bowl, a mallet and me passing mashed up weetabix, milk and orange juice through various tubes, tights, bags and a cup to demonstrate what happens when food is digested. The kids think it's grossly good and it's a fun lesson that seems to stick in their mind. I love teaching it!
8th September: I'm too old to go out on a school night and feel good in the morning.

I only went to the cinema, but I didn't get home until 11pm and when my alarm went off at 6am my whole body shouted 'Noooooo!'.

9th September: In the olden days they were a bit rude too. My illusion that in the olden days everyone was very proper and polite was shattered today when I watched this clip here. It's not for the faint hearted! I literally laughed out loud.

10th September: The Tescos and Connor combination is getting much easier.I found shopping with a toddler such a chore that I started to shop online just to avoid it. But it's not the same. You don't get to choose which piece of tuna looks the nicest or spot all the new flavours that are out there and I sometimes missed it. Connor is almost three and we seem to have reached the point where he is happy sitting in the trolley or helping me to fill it up with the things that we actually need, rather than the things that he wants. Now I just have to pursuade him that shopping for clothes and shoes is fun ;)

11th September: A postive attitude goes a long, long way.
The last couple of years have been tough and mostly miserable. On New Years Day this year or even just before it I decided that 2009 was going to be a great year. I decided that I was going to lose the weight I'd put on over the last three years (check!), get my self confidence back (check!) and have fun (check!). I've had about 3 'bad' days when I've woken up and wanted to go back to sleep again and not have to get out of bed and face the day. On the 11th September I woke up with that feeling. I closed my eyes. And as I lay there feeling sorry for myself, the things that I'm thankful for started to replace the negative thoughts and I started to think about all the good things I could do with the day. I got up and had a lovely day.

12th September: Football makes me happy
Years ago, before I had Connor, my weekends revolved around football. I loved it. I couldn't wait for Saturday to come around. I'd forgotten how much I loved it. I guess I'd put it to the back of my mind because with a small child it's just not possible to have it all, and football was one of my sacrifices. It might be easier if I supported my local team but I don't. I support Charlton so it's a whole day thing by the time I've met Steve for a pre-match drink and sausage! Having been to a pre-season game I realised how much I love it, and how much of a release football is for me. I made a vow to myself that I would see one game a month this season. Today I learnt that I made the right decision. Football makes me happy.

Suddenly I have the urge to scrap each story individually with these stories. Time is not on my side, but I have an idea...


Julia Dunnit said...

Well all I can say is go you! I really admire how candid you're being and your new approach to your life. And I bet you find time to do that scrapping, because you want to.

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Yeyyyy, how fabulous are you young lady :D
I love the feet piccy and can't wait to see how you scrap all these fab pics :D

Julie xx

misteejay said...

You have been so good at sticking to your decisions so I know that you will find time to scrap all these wonderful experiences.

Toni :o)

Stephanie Parsloe said...

What a fab post, it's so brilliant to read!! Know what you mean about insecurities, but yay you for being so honest about it and glad you feel good for it (it'll always be mum first!! 'cos they're.... mum!)
And how creepy, I started liking and craving olives when I was pregnant with Noah!!! Ooooo