Saturday, 3 December 2011

Another quarter of a year gone in the blink of an eye

I don't know where the time has gone! Christmas is only a few weeks away and I've not updated my blog in a while. I deactivated my Facebook account this week and now my blog is one of my home tags instead so it'll remind me that I've been neglecting this page. So much has happened in the last few months. There's a GoGo Getaway to report on, Wedding layouts to share and Connor's been up to alsorts of LOs with him as the subject too. Today was Connor's school fair. I volunteered to do a scrapbooking table for the children. I decided to lift the LO I did in January and use the photo that we've used for our Christmas cards this year. I precut pieces of patterned paper and gave the children some buttons and stars and let them get messy with glue. They seemed to enjoy themselves and they were all concentrating so much it was nice and calm and quiet in our little corner. You might be wondering who the little Father Christmas is in the photo. That would be Minx. Sadly, Bailey bit me one too many times and we decided that it was only a matter of time before Connot got bitten and we weren't going to take that chance. The breeder kindly took him back for us and is trying to sort him out and then rehome him. Bailey was fine when he was at my Dad's house and he saw no signs of aggression so we're hoping that with a fresh start away from whatever it was in this house that made him act aggressively, he'll be the cute and cuddly pet that he could be all the time instead of just some of the time. Anyway, Bailey and Milly were thick as theives, chasing around the house after each other and curling up together on the back of the sofa and Milly was lonely with Bailey gone. Enter Minx. As the name might suggest, Minx is a little horror. She climbs up my curtains, pinches food off the plate when noone is looking and generally has a lot of personality. We were saying 'You little Minx' so often that it stuck ;) She is quite cute though. Not as gorgeous as Milly, but cute. We thought that Milly was still quite a small cat until we got Minx though. Now she looks big and fluffy with the fluffiest tail you've ever seen.

I have scrapped my first picture of Minx and I'll share it with you another time.

It's all getting exciting over at ScrapaGoGo as we get in to the spirit of it all. The December kit is stunning! I haven't dared get started on it yet because I want to have the time to enjoy it. We have a little Christmas treat planned though so that should be fun.

Time to watch X-factor now. Bye!

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Ifa said...

Welcome back. You've been away too long. Love that you are starting the little ones on their scrapbooking journey.