Saturday, 24 December 2011

Catching up on 2011 Part 1

I've been backing up my photos for 2011 and clearing my laptop ready for 2012 and have realised just how many layouts I've not blogged. Time to share some :) So, in October I taught four classes at the ScrapaGoGo GoGo Getaway. It was great to meet some more members and I had a really great time.

My first class was 'Love you to the Moon & Back'. The concept was using lots of shiny things.
That included some fab foil Thickers from American Crafts...
...and some kitchen foil layered with October Afternoon 'Rocket Age' paper.

Next up, with a focus on a tiny little paperclay food mixer, was my Recipes canvas.

The mixer was made using a silicone mold from etsy and some paperclay which we painted silver using acrylic paint.
I was amused during my next class when some lovely ladies came fully prepared for the mess in aprons and gloves. But by the end of the lesson the joke was on me and I was covered in paint, even though I wasn't doing any painting!! This class was inspired by a graffiti wall and was based on the Hambly Brick Wall transparency. There was lots of paint and a really grungy feel to this class.
The concept behind my final class was the colour wheel. We went with 'hot' red and 'cold' green.

Before the delegates arrived we met and decided on March 2012 Getaway concepts, which was very exciting. March 2012 is a sell out and October 2012 only had a few spaces left last time I heard. The wonderful ladies at ScrapaGoGo are already taking bookings for 2013 though so why not treat yourselves here ?? :)

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