Friday, 30 December 2011

Catching up on 2011 Part 5

Layouts towards the end of the year have been few and far apart as I did some maternity cover for my colleague and was working more than usual. But I did enjoy my GoGo kits each month.

This layout commemorates Connor's first day at school. He had done so well and seems so happy to be at school, which is a massive relief.
This is the first of my Honeymoon layouts. We went to Italy and travelled from the North down to Verona. This photo is of my at Juliette's house in Verona, standing on the balcony.
In half term we visited Disneyland Paris courtesy of Connor and my Mum. We all had a great time (although we were all tired at the end of each day) and this layout shows Tony and Connor meeting Buzz Lightyear. Connor was talking about this moment just this week.
Here is another of my 'Milly' layouts. She's such a beautiful cat that it's hard not to take photo after photo of her :)
I think that that is me caught up for this year :) I'm all set to share my Chinese Whispers Layouts on New Years day when we post for the first time.

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