Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Catching up on 2011 Part 3

There have been wedding layouts aplenty given that the official photographer took 1600 photos and there were more from Tony and our guests.

'Father of the Bride' with a photo of my Dad:
I created this layout using the ScrapaGoGo hybrids for November:
And these two using the November kit:

This one is one of the ScrapaGoGo Chinese Whispers lifts:
And this one was using ScrapaGoGo's September kit:
Here I stamped an image and then painted the colour into them:
I saw some beautiful Aruna Seth shoes in my pre-wedding search but they were £550. I decided to fashion my own version in purple with some £12 shoes from Shoe Direct and some butterfly brooches from ebay for £2 each :) Here is my layout recording that fact.
At the GoGo Getaway in October I was looking at Lisa's laouts and saw how she'd splattered some paint very thickly so that it was raised off of the page. I love it and gave it a go on my wedding cake layout here.

I made my own cake with layers of coloured cake covered in cream icing with a cascade of printed acetate butterflies.

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Jimjams said...

Woohoo - no wonder you've been missing from my Google Reader - Congratulations!
A lovely set of pages - and I am in awe of your rainbow cake - stunning!!!!