Thursday, 31 March 2011

Neighbourhood watch

My naughty dog Bailey sits on the back of the sofa (ruining the cushions) and watches the world go around all day long. He barks at the people. He barks at the cats. He barks at the birds. He barks at the leaves blowing in the wind. My neighbours must despair of him! But here he is in this photo captured in that very position for all eternity: This is one of those projects that you start enthusiastically and then realise the mistake that you've made! I it took me so long to cut this heart made of roses out that I had a little red blister on my finger afterwards. I do think it looks pretty though and therefore it's worth it!The butterflies on this LO are cut, using a punch, from the paper bag that the kit came in. I added a calander to the LO too that wasn't in the kit.Supplies: ScrapaGoGo April kit and hybrids

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SueC said...

That layout is just gorgeous - and we have a dog named Bailey but he's not the one to sit on the back of the sofa cushions and bark at all and sundry - it's his daughter Kyipo - they are both Lhasa Apso's.