Monday, 28 March 2011

GoGo Getaway

I've been a bit quiet recently because of the odd bit of exam marking and a busy time at school and home but this weekend was the GoGo Getaway and I was able to find the time to play with the absolutely gorgeous April kit from ScrapaGoGo. The 6th GoGo Getaway seemed to run as clockwork and there was a very nice atmosphere all weekend with people coming out of the classes pleased with their finished LOs, which was fab. It was nice to meet the Clubhouse folk in real life too. I taught two classes. Both were designed by Sarah Youde. Sadly she couldn't come so I was able to get involved and had a great time. The first class was called 'Heart Felt' and was all about making felt embellishments. Sarah had made some wonderful heart embelishments but I went with clouds using the cloud stamp from February as a pattern. The last class on Sunday afternoon was 'Full of Principles'. It was all about the rules of visual arts. Sarah scrapped a photo of her gorgeous Charlotte using the pinks and yellows of the paper. I turned the papers and used the teal and browns instead. Can't wait for the day events coming up now and the Getaway in October! Spaces for 2012 were filling up fast over the weekend :)

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