Saturday, 22 January 2011

Oh Crate Paper, how could you?

I've had an evening of babysitting so have just come home and logged on only to find that Crate Paper have created not one but four amazing ranges this season. I LOVED Toy Story and will be buying that whole range. I REALLY like Emma's Shoppe and will be buying most of that range and tonight they are tantalising us with Portrait and Neighbourhood.
And that Jenni Bowlin isn't helping either with her irresitable pet bingo cards. Tut! At least noone will be hard pushed for birthday present ideas this year I guess (and yes that's a MASSIVE hint to my loved ones!)
Sweet dreams everyone and have a happy weekend x

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Quirky Boots said...

playing catch up after lying dormant for a while :) i'm in love with the crate paper ranges - i havent scrapbooked since we moved house in may but i have to admit those papers are making my mojo make an appearance :) xx