Thursday, 20 January 2011


That's the sound of my bank balance under the strain of this seasons releases. Crate Paper have released 'Toy Story' and 'Emma's Shoppe' today. I scrolled down 'Emma Shoppe' photos thinking, 'Yum I like this. I'll have to buy some of this' and then I got to 'Toy Story' and OMG, I want it all. It's totally boy-tastic! Wow! Fabulous designs. Love them.
And have you seen these gorgeous colours of Cabachon flowers from Prima? Just right for those sunny layouts that we're all looking forward to creating when the sun finally returns to us :)

And what are Webster's Pages trying to do to me??? I love all their fabric tickets.

This is possibly the best lot of releases across all the manufacturers in my opinion. Well done all you clever people x


Anonymous said...

Those fabric stickers are to die for. Beautiful.

{s}crap happens! said...

Stunning stash but the Toy Story collection is very Sassafras! Which i like :-) x