Thursday, 19 February 2009

February Photos

I think I mentioned before that I'm attempting '12 months=12 projects'. I've struggled slightly to take photos this month, other than of the snow and rain! One idea I had was to take a full length shot each month to show my weight loss, but without there being someone around with the necessary skills to do so on the correct date that's not always going to be possible. I thought I was being pretty creative this month when I came up with this picture to represent my weight loss.

Looking at this photo I'm even hoping to be wearing trousers the next size down when I go back to school next week :)

I must try to take some more interesting photos next week to beef up the Feb page and add some colour. Everything is so dreary though right now. There's not even any sunshine!


Annie said...

Lovely blog - I love your son looking up at you in this photo!

rebekah22 said...

He refuses to have his photo taken, but sneaks into any that i don't especially want him in :)

misteejay said...

Hi Rebekah, thought you could do with a little something to hang on the wall in here - pop over to my blog and you can collect it.

Toni :o)