Wednesday, 4 February 2009

What's in a name?!

When we first started thinking about naming Connor, I was very sure about the names I liked. My favourite was Isaac, meaning 'he will laugh'. Who wouldn't want their child to laugh? Of course I would have nicknamed him Zac, but Isaac is a name that you can grow into when you grow out of Zac. What I forgot to factor in was my husband's opinion ;) He got so fed up with me going on about baby names that he flushed the name book down the loo :) So it wasn't until 'Poddy' was born that I dared raise the subject again. Why Poddy you ask? Well our surname is Brumby. A Brumby is an Australian horse, and a baby Brumby is called 'Poddy'. The baby was called Poddy from about 3 months in and we called him Poddy for 5 days after he was born too. Finally Poddy's Dad sat down with the book. 'I only like one name' he said. I held my breath. 'Connor'. 'Connor' I said, trying it on for size. 'I don't dislike Connor'. So in whispers we tried it out, not telling anyone in case it didn't suit our new baby. We 'tried it out' all weekend and on day 6 we announced to our family that Poddy was Poddy no more (except that it was a hard habit to get out of and every now and then we did call him Poddy by mistake)!

Connor means 'lover of hounds'. Connor loves animals fullstop. He loves snails and cats and dogs and rabbits and, well animals!! I wonder if he had been Isaac he would have loved animals quite as much as he does now, or whether he would have just laughed more ;)

Anyway, I wanted to do a LO to remember what I had wanted, and what we got. The title is simply 'Connor'. I used a fabulous sketch from My Sketch World, this one being one side of the January sketch. I didn't follow it as religiously as I might usually, but because I had such a specific idea in my mind, adding embellishments and subtitles just made it look cluttered. I'm still really into trying out rub ons and stamping now that I am more confident that I won't ruin whole LOs that are nearly finished when the rub on doesn't rub on correctly, or I stamp in the wrong place. Both these techniques feature here.

The photo is of Connor when he was 5 days old. The description of the meaning of the name is from the actual book that we used to name him (a second version since I had to throw the first one away ;) ). I liked the idea of using the genuine article. I'm pleased with the result and have recorded the Isaac/Connor story in the journalling.

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