Monday, 9 February 2009

Murder, Mystery and definately Mayhem!!

Phew! Am I tired after this weekend's cybercrop on UKS!! It all started on Friday night when I drove to Leigh's in the snow. I don't mind the snow, but it was a little frightening trying to reverse onto a curb with the wheels skidding a bit. Leigh had set up an excellent space for me and I was right at home. Here I am with Leigh's Mum, 'Paddy', working hard (courtesy of Leigh).

The first class was a little late in kicking off but was def worth the wait. I find it really hard to pre select photos for classes based only on a list of materials so my first job was to print off some photos. That was fine though because I was able to get on with the class as they were printing. The class was from Caroline at Artbase and called 'In the Frame' and it fitted perfectly with me displaying some of the photos from the snow we had earlier in the week. I was really pleased with the final product 'Snow Day'.

Already though, I realised that I should have brought more stash with me. I had to steal some cardstock from Leigh (thanks Leigh) and didn't add the title until I got home to all my Thickers. It was nice having company to scrap with though, and Paddy's running commentary of what she was doing and endless conversations with patterned paper was very amusing!
At this point we were about an hour and a half behind. Whilst Leigh and Paddy started work on the second class I tackled the first challenge: FBI. 'Include file folders, some buttons and some ink on a LO'. Again, I immediately knew which photos I wanted to use. I'd been trying to get a photo of Connor in his pink wellies and he kept hiding behind a tree. When I said 'Boo' he'd peep out, so I had a series of nice photos of him that I hadn't known how to display. I made a file folder form cardstock and then a consertina from another piece of cardstock. The final picture I attached on a real slant so that it was peeping out of the file folder. A really simple LO, but a lovely way to display a number of photos I thought, especially when they're all so similar.

Then it was straight on to class number three 'The Mousetrap' by ziggysmammy. Again I knew immediately which photo and colourway I wanted to use with this class and already had the photo printed. I went with the photo that I'd edited so that it was black and white except for the carrot nose on the snowman, and used orange, black and white for the colours. I loved the hidden journalling (where is says 'All the facts') and the stamping. The labels are all Fontwerks black labels and I altered them to make the fit the LO. This is probably my favourite LO of the weekend, but def my favourtie of Friday.

I left Leigh's and drove home. A big thank you to Leigh for putting up with me all evening. Next time I'm definately keeping the whole weekend free and staying put!
When I got home (around 2.30am), I put the finishing touches to the above LOs (titles and snowflakes and buttons and things that were here at home) and worked on two more challenges; Challenge 2: Cagney and Lacey (Scrap a girlie photo without using pink) and Challenge 3: Moonlighting (take a picture of the suspect asleep).
Challenge 2 was actually much harder than I thought it would be. I rarely am pleased with the LOs that I do during challenges and this one is no exception to that rule. As I looked through my papers, I was struck by how many had some amount of pink in them. Eventually I fell upon the Basic Grey papers I'd bought in the DoCrafts sale and used them to produce this rather garish and uninspiring LO 'Girls just wanna have fun'.

Since I was the only one in the house, I had to take a picture of Connor's bear in bed asleep for the third challenge :) I finally fell into bed sometime around 4.30am, tired but happy.

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Anonymous said...

you will def need to stay next time!!! It was great to have you here-even if you did better LO's than me ;)