Sunday, 15 February 2009

All My Own Photos Circle Journey, Ready for the Off!

Tomorrow is the first posting day for my second CJ of the year. This one is a record of Connor's first year, using all my own photos (AMOP CJ). I have done two LOs for this one to start it off;
Poddy: a LO commemorating our first scan in May 2006

You are just so ADORABLE: to celebrate his birth.

I lost my little box of white flowers during the CC last weekend. Yesterday I found it in the car park at my Ex husbands house, completed smooshed and the flowers all snow ruined :( It must have fallen out of the car last weekend when I dropped Connor off and got driven over. Last night I went to Leigh's house again to do some scrapping and could have sworn that I'd taken the tags she cut me out for my CJ with me. I spent ages turning out my totes without any joy. When I left, I found them in the car park again but this time not ruined! Next time I lose something I'll know where to look first though.

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