Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Reminiscing once again!

This morning Facebook reminded me that 7 years a go I was in Germany for the weekend, taking my son to visit his father who was working there at the time.  It's another occasion when I amassed a stack of photos and I was looking back over my blog to see how many of them I had scrapped back then.

There are a few like the photo on my I am not a Robot layout here, Favourite things layout here, Pumpkin Patch layout here, Conker Face layout here and Hoffest layout here.  But there must be a whole load of photos from this weekend that I still have hovering in my photo box waiting to be scrapped.  So I will be digging them out and including them in this weekend's to do box.

How old are the oldest photos that are on your 'to scrap' pile?

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