Sunday, 25 September 2016

Go Going to Wanborough!

Being at Wanborough yesterday brought back some happy memories of our GoGo Day Away visit back in April.  It was called Inspiration Inbound and GoGo Lisa and I helped delegates to create a whole lot of lovely layouts to complete a whole album over two weekends.

On the Friday night we traveled down to set up the hall, ably assisted by GoGo Janice.  We loved the crates that we'd found to display the goodies for each delegate.

And then when Saturday came around GoGo Lisa and I put on our 'uniform' of a grey apron and scarfs and got to work.

For this weekend we used project life cards and cream cardstock for each layout and combined them with different gelato techniques and handwriting hints to create layouts that complemented each other but were each very different.  

These are the layouts that I taught.

Love you

The Story of Our Lives

Best of Friends

Magic Kingdom

One of our favourite parts of preparing for this weekend was scouring the shops for goodies to put in the embellishment bags.  It was almost as much fun using all the elements on the layouts though!

The following weekend we put up a load of sketches and our examples of the sketches on the Facebook group so that people could add even more pages to their albums.  It was great to see the delegates take on each sketch.

An Audience with...

The Boy in the Suit

Finding Sherlock

And finally we finished off with some challenges.  My first was to do a top heavy layout with all the detail at the top of the page.

Memories of a Sunny Day

This was followed quickly with a nod to Shakespeare in his anniversary year, in that delegates had to use some Shakespeare on their layout.  

All the World's a Stage

Then finally, it was a layout challenge that relied on boxes of interest.

You & Me

So as you can see, the same supplies used for each layout produced a number of different layouts by virtue of how the pieces were assembled.  

It was such a fun (and exhausting!) weekend.  And it's not long now until the GoGo Getaway!  I can't wait.  

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