Thursday, 28 April 2011

May Kit: New Beginnings

This layout uses the fabulous corrugated elements and Kirsty's hybrids designed especially for the ScrapaGoGo May Kit. I decided that since there were lots of houses then it was about time I scrapped my moving house photos from 2008. This was following my divorce when I moved out of my marital house and into my current home. Ironically one of the complaints that my ex-husband had about me was that I care too much other people think about me. That was ringing in my ears as I wrote the journalling off the back of being criticised for not including journalling on my layouts recently. I don't know the critics but it hit me and I journalled, even though these are personal recollections.

Although it was a difficult and stressful time it was also one of hope and happiness. Therefore I wanted the LO to have a bright and colourful feel to it and I coloured the corrugated houses, using acrylic paint, to match the hybrid house border. I painted some with the flat side up and some with the corrugated side up and stuck them in a straight line across the top of the LO. I then cut out the hybrid houses and positioned them along the bottom of the corrugated houses. All the flowers and hearts are cut from the packaging of the Basic Grey tabs and stuck around the houses.
I used the hybrid field and sun in the bottom left hand corner with a painted and inked tree and a little butterfly cut from the packaging. The title also comes from the hybrid. I didn't have enough 'g' on the hopscotch alpha so had to make some out of other letters. They are inked to help cover that up. And then I journalled my story. Is the LO richer for it? I'll let you decide that for yourselves...

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Sharon said...

Your work is lovely - don't worry what others think - you should journal as little or as much as you want, it's your layouts. XX