Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Challenge

Amanda's challenge this Sunday is this:

"Right people, no cheating with this one!
Step 1: First of all, go and pick the 2 ugliest, most mismatched papers in your collection, that you honestly can't ever see yourself using. Take a photo of them.
Step 2: Yes, you saw this coming, didn't you?! Make a page using those papers. You can add any other embellishments you like, but those 2 papers must play a prominent role in your design! Take a photo of it.
Step 3: Upload your layout AND your horrendous papers 'before' photo.

The papers must be obviously ugly to begin with - no choosing something you secretly like! Good luck!"

Here's mine :)
I was sent this Dr Seuss paper by mistake when I placed an order and the seller told me to keep it. I never thought I'd use it. And when I was in America about 5 years ago I bought the geometric paper in multi colour. It's awful!!!

I cut the butterflies out of the geometric paper and made flowers from them too. I decided to use the Dr Seuss paper because Connor is really really in to rhyming at the moment. There's a rhyme in practically every sentence he says. He even greeted my neightbour with 'Morning Fred, red, bread'. LOL.


lisa said...

Cute : )

Fabi Ormerod said...

Very cute Bekka!!!!!!!!! You're amazing! XX