Monday, 16 August 2010

Steam punk!

I've spent the weekend looking at wedding jewellary and tiaras and the like and I came across a style that I've never seen before- steam punk. Heard of it? It's not at all the sort of thing you'd wear at a wedding, or at least it's not the sort of thing that I'd wear at a wedding, but the style intrigued me. I decided to make an enlarged version for my Bubbly scrumptious project this week: I used a Maya Road Butterfly and Rik Rak designs cogs from the Bubbly Funk shop along with some UTEE, blooms and Tim Holtz metal pieces. I think I captured the style and it's a bit of fun anyway. What do you think?


Valerie said...

It's gorgeous! I keep hearing the term 'steam punk' and have been scratching my head. Thanks for the info!!

Natalie said...

i think you captured it well!! I love gothic steampunk stuff :)