Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup Challenges

Well, the World Cup celebrations began last night with concerts across South Africa and the host nation will kick off the first game tonight. And over on The Studio Challenge Blog the World Cup Challenges start today :)

The first challenge from Amanda:

Do you get excited about the World Cup? As a bonus challenge this weekend we'd like to see your World Cup inspired pages! If you are the kind of person who can't wait for the madness to be over then you could scrap about the country you live in or your kid's soccer team instead.

My little boy has suddenly become interested in the St George Cross and why there are some cars with flags on so I've had to explain about the World Cup. He's also started using the word 'Why?' repeatedly in the last two weeks as they all do and eventually all those 'Why?'s lead us to the supermarket to buy some England gear ('Why does that car have flags?', 'Why does he want to support England?', 'What's the World Cup?', 'Can I have a flag on my car?', 'Why can't I have a flag on my car?', 'Why can't we go and buy me a England top now?') :) He looks like such a proper boy in his England top and cap. So cute!

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lisa said...

Cute LO Rebekah : )