Wednesday, 16 June 2010

World Cup Challenge Number 2

The Studio Wednesday World Cup Challenge today will depend on where you live...

This one is a luck of the draw! Scrap using only the colours on your country's flag (and black).
Red and white's not too bad a colour combo, although it did need the black to give it something! I decided to keep to the footie theme and scrapped my feelings about World cup fever this year. The journalling reads:

I love the run up to the World cup and the camaraderie that it brings. I love to see the flags on cars and hanging out of house windows. It fills me with pride to be English. So it's with sadness that I see so few cars with flags flying and I don't remember seeing any flags hanging in houses. Perhaps that's because the media told us that flying the St. George cross is seen as racist by some people or perhaps it's because Capello has clamped down on it but...What world cup fever?'

Here's hoping England do well and the World Cup fever grows :)

1 comment:

Traceyr said...

Great layout. We have a flag flying in front of our house - and lots of cars round here have car flags. Don't dispair there are still some proud non racist England flag flyers :)