Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Studio Challenge: Con-dem Britain

Amanda's challenge today on 'The Studio' says 'Have you ever scrapped a page about someone you've never met? Now's your chance! It could be your idol, or just someone who has touched your life in some way, but you've never had the pleasure of meeting them.'
My inital thoughts were to scrap the author Richard Preston who I've never met, but who had a big affect on the direction that my life took.
Then I decided to scrap the election. Here are two men who together are going to influence our lives for the next few years(probably). I was totally obsessed by the election this time aound. I enjoyed the politics, the debacle that is Sky News and the 'what's going to happen? nobody knows!' feel of it all. For the LO itself I printed out some photos of key moments and some embelishment images, made a paper rosette, used a felt tip pen to colour white lace because I didn't have time to go to the stash shop, used safmat to record the 'google' title from the day of the election and the coins falling to the bottom of the page and cut out empty alphas for the title. I also inked the edges with the ink pad face down on the paper and included some of the quotes I'll remember from the election.

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Miss Natz said...

Awww that LO is so lovely! Very cool! :)