Sunday, 20 June 2010

Studio Challenge: Turn off the Sky

Today's challenge on 'The Studio' got me thinking. Amanda said 'Grrr! What gets right on your nerves? Tell us all about it with a spot of creative therapy! Get it off your chest... you'll feel much better for it'.

I know that for a great number of people the planes being grounded during the volcanic erruption in Iceland was very irritating and expensive but for me it was great. I loved the clear blue skies without the scars left by planes. I loved the quiet despite living on a Heathrow flight path. I don't really notice them on a day to day basis but when they were allowed to fly again, I really noticed them and they really annoyed me. Gone was the tranquility and quiet. Gone were the clear blue, perfectly unaltered skies. Grrrr!

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