Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Monopoly Cybercrop: Mystery Kit

Each cybercrop the sponsors offer each team a mystery kit. This year, being a car, mine was from Lyn at Craft Emporium. I ordered it fairly late on (thanks to Tony for being it for me :) ) and it had to come by sea as the planes were still grounded from the Isle of Mann then and when I got it I didn't have an inspiration at all so wasn't sure I'd make the deadline. I had a quick look in the Two Peas gallery and found a LO to lift. They'd made a frame from cardstock but I wanted to give my LO even more depth so I used the pizza box instead and painted it with black acrylic. I inked the edges of my paper and painted one corner where I wanted the rub ons to show up well.
Rather than leaving it at that though, I decided to create a hinged photo to put a another photo and more rub ons underneath.The flowers were a bit girly for this LO so I made an origami windmill out of some patterned paper and added a button for the centre.

I ended up with a LO I love to commerorate Connor's first week at preschool :)

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ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oooo thats lovely :D
J xx