Thursday, 26 March 2009

Who says we don't scrap just because we don't upload to the gallery?

I noticed on UKScrap Smack this week that my CC thread friends and I have been smacked for not uploading to the gallery. What the post actually said was that we never scrap so what's the point being on UKS! Well I have news for them. I have scrapped 26 LOs this month and it's not the end of the month. I would like to know how many they've done! In fact, if you're reading this Anonymous please do tell me how many you've done this month. I would add that that does not include the three CJs that I'm doing this year. So now you'll be wanting some evidence I suspect?! Okay, well here's some then.

A whole world to explore. Photos of Connor playing with the fish in the pond. The photos are mounted on chipboard and the jigsaw chipboard pieces are covered in Sassafras 'Bungle Jungle'. The title chip and the smile-o-meter are K&Co.

'Bee' Happy

A LO journalling my hopes for Connor as he turns 2 and a half. They're hidden behind the photo but there's a little bit of journalling on the front explaining that my biggest hope is that he will be happy. The paper is Cosmo Cricket 'Girl Friday'.

The rest I've already posted, or they're from my sister's album so I'll upload them in another post. Oh, but I did finish 'aka The Very Sweet-Toothed Little fella' so here's that too :)


misteejay said...

That's telling 'em.

What fab LOs Rebekah - love the bright cheery colours.

I tend to use my UKS gallery mainly at CC time - the rest of the year I link to my blog.

Toni :o)

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Yeyyyy go you :D
If they have so much time on their hands why can't they go and look at our galleries??? Then they will KNOW that we scrap!

Smackers, get over yourselves, and show us what you do!!

EWhyley said...

Some people are just V sad. Since having my blog, I never upload to UKS anymore... it is just too much of a faf.
I love your work, and the LO with jigsaw peices is stunning ... made me rememebr a load of undressed jigsaw chipboard I have hidden away somewhere....
Em x