Friday, 16 January 2009

Shimelle is a star!!

I was doing so well, wasn't I?! Although I've not been posting on my blog I have been hard at it scrapping wise. I was thrilled this morning to have an email from Cheryl at SI asking for one of my LO and am going to pack that up to send tomorrow.

It's been an exciting week on UKS too, with the unveiling of the 'Murder, Mystery and Mayhem' cybercrop. I've been assinged to the FBI and have been enjoying the challenges so far. I didn't manage to resist the kits though and had to buy both Bubbly Funk and Shimelle's.

Speaking of Shimelle, she is doing a free mini class to say thank you for the wonderful experiences she's had as a result of what she calls the 'crazy scrapbooking thing'. I think that it's very her! I've only met her once at the Skraptacular retreat but she is a lovely warm and funny person and her giving this free mini class is fab! I'm really looking forward to having a go. Thanks Shimelle! (For more information, click here:) )

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