Thursday, 6 March 2008

Thursday Thinking!

I've joined a Newbie Circle Journal! I'm not sure what I've let myself in for with topics amoungst the team such as 'Super Women' but it's bound to challenge me and I do like a challenge. My first challenge is to come up with a definite theme. I had thought of making a book for my sisters 30th next year all about 1979 but I've been advised that I won't want to give this CJ away! My next idea was to make a recipe book with everyone's favourites in, and this is something that I may come back to (I already have a picture of my favourite starter- see!). But yesterday I was driving up the M3 after dark and there were a surprising amount of blue glowing backs of cars! It made me a little sad to think that these children are missing out on the fun that was childhood car journeys, playing simple games like i-spy but also more complicated and longer running ones like 'Pub Cricket' that I can't really remember the rules to, but remember being a lot of fun. I would hate to forget to teach that to my children and that got me thinking that I should ask my Dad for the rules and then include it in a Car Games for Kids CJ!! Now I just have to check that my CJ team have some games that they could include.

Tonight, I have to say, I am loving Bohemia. I bought a great collection from The Scrap Cafe on Saturday and have put together a yummy page that I will share with you tomorrow using the Pencil Lines sketch #74, which is another beauty. I've also nearly completed my weekly challenge for UKS but need to print the main photo at Boots because the quality isn't good enough. It's all very green in Reading this week, I have to say!

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