Friday, 19 August 2011

Quick update

Wow! Is it really that long since I blogged? The months have passed in a whirlwind of marking, end of term madness, scheme of work writing ready for September, wedding plans and house renovations and not a lot of scrapping sadly :( I'm getting married on Sunday and am away for a week and then I need to take a long look at my life to see what can give!

Have you spotted the chance to win on the ScrapaGoGo blog?


SueC said...

Congratulations, hope all goes well on Sunday and that the weather is fine for you.
In your review of your life please try not to give up scrapbooking and blogging as it gives us so much pleasure.
Sue x

Jenny said...

Have an AMAZING day on Sunday. I really hope to see the photos :) Much love xxx