Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Today marks the first posting day of the Chinese Whispers CJ 2012. We have three groups swapping this year and I decided to join in with all three :)

My first layout is a lift of a layout called 'Dream maker' but sadly I can't remember who's layout it is to give them the credit. If you recognise it, please do tell me!
My version of this layout is using the October Afternoon Boarding Pass range and is one of my Honeymoon photos. We stopped at Lake Garda, Italy, and Connor had a bowl of icecream that was made to look like spagetti bolognase. It was fantastic!

For team two I chose this layout to lift and again I'm not sure who did the original one, sorry! It's simple, but beautiful.The photo that I used for my lift is a candid moment of my son and little bridesmaid as we were getting ready for the wedding. They both look mischievious as they watch what is going on.
I will share my team 3 layout tomorrow as it's not quite finished (but don't tell anyone ;) ).

Have a very good first day of the year everyone x


Michelle said...

Happy New Year... I popped over from Just 1 sketch, I'm also doing a Chinese Whisper, I love it! I'm a huge fan of OA too...catch up soon

Mel said...

Hiya just found your blog from Ifa's. I think I remember some of your layouts from SM. I love that last layout - anything with butterflies is good with me!