Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Studio Challenge: Scrap off the page!

Today Amanda says 'Make something other than a scrapbook page with your scrapping supplies. It can be anything you like, so use your imagination!'.
I love 'add your own photo' snowglobes and I came across these extra large bad boys (sorry- I work with teenagers!)on ebay. I used some left over bits of October Afternoon papers with a photo of Connor and I on one side and a photo of Bailey and Connor on the other. I added stickers and rub ons to the photo of Bailey and Connor and a felt heart, and I added rubs ons and flowers to the photo of Connor and I. There is foam in between the two photos so I added another scrap of photo to the outer edge to finish it all off and hide the foam. (Thanks for the idea and the stash Leigh!)
I'm constantly losing paperwork. It comes through the door and then gets put in a carrier bag when I scoop up things to take upstairs at the end of the day, and then they stay there until I get around to sorting them out (i.e. never!). It's resulted in missed deadlines recently though so I decided that I needed a better way of keeping my post safe. My house is pretty open plan downstairs so I decorated this wooden magazine holder to match the colours of my lounge and it sits on the shelf nicely and looks pretty :)

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Suzy said...

I love your magazine holder Rebekah. I am constantly scooping up large piles of mail and paperwork from the breakfast bar and stuffing it in carrier bags and then being unable to locate it when I need it - I looked at some letter trays but they are not big enough so I might pinch your idea and give it a go

Suzy x