Thursday, 13 May 2010

Chinese Whispers Group 2 Round 5

The 15th seems to come around so quickly each month with two Chinese whispers LOs due and a CJ. This month I received 'Plymouth' from Debbie (although she'd not lifted it so it's actually MrsH's): I used all the elements but squeezed them all together to make it a bit more me :) During Shimelle's online crop she asked what things we hadn't scrapped that we thought we should and one of those things was my job. So I remedied that this week with this LO 'Work Me'.


Anna said...

Great layout, love the different fonts in the title!

Natalie said...

I like this!!! I really need to do one on work me too!

Do you really wear a lab coat at work???? I do in 6th form lab classes but thats it.
In another school i worked at the other teachers taught every lesson and wandered around school in theirs.
Nat xx

rebekah22 said...

Yes Nat, in every single lesson and I wander around school in it too :) x