Friday, 15 January 2010

A new year, a new CJ

Well, it's not quite a CJ actually. It was going to be and then we decided to do it unofficially. But anyway, it's a scraplift challenge called 'Chinese Whispers' so you start with a LO, lift it and email your version to the next person on the list. You get to keep your LO, and have a go at something you might not have thought of doing yourself. Genius!! I'm in two groups so I have two LOs that I started with, both being sent off today. The first is Group One and I send to Hev, the CJ organiser. My original is one from the UKS gallery by Wingus and you can see it here but only if you're not playing Chinese Whispers :) I loved this LO and the photos are wonderful. I've shared my lift of this LO before but in case you missed it it's this one;In the other group I'm sending to blah blah and I chose the Megan Klausen original (see it here!), which inspired 'my turkey lurkey layout'. I'm looking forward to seeing what the ladies do with their lifts :)

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Tony said...

Love Christmas food :-)