Friday, 21 August 2009

Hello 1986!

Those of you who've been with me for a while will know that I've lost 6 stone this year. I made it through the summer with a few new items of clothing but my autumn winter wardrobe is not looking too good! As I'll have to spend a few pennies on some new things for the coming seasons I've been paying a bit more attention to the fashions than I might otherwise do, and I find myself transported back to the 1980s. As if they weren't bad enough the first time around with the shaggy perms and neon and high waisted skirts and tartan shirts- they've made a reappearance only a couple of decades later!! (Off topic slightly- but someone a few weeks ago bemoaned the fact that it wasn't cool to wear shellsuits and I commented that since the 80s are back in now, give it 12 months we might see a shellsuit revival- anyone else looking forward to that??) But there is one thing that I do like about the coming season and that has to be the over the knee and thigh high boots :) My Mum is probably reading this and thinking 'She wouldn't!' and I know for a fact that my sister thinks I'm crazy, but I actually quite fancy a pair myself. I don't think that I'm quite brave enough for the full thigh high but over the knees, I'm tempted! Julia Roberts eat your heart out. One things for sure though. The coming season could well be scrappers paradise!


nat said...

Hi! Not being offensive or anything so tell me to get lost if you will but what is your secret...i've got about the same to lose or more. i lost two and then had one bad day and that was it (that was around 8 months ago!!!!

Nat x

misteejay said...

Not sure about the boots Rebekah LOL (didn't like them first time round) but I'm sure you will look fab if you do get some. You have done so fantastically well with your weight, I'm sure whatever you decide on for the Autumn will be fab.

Toni :o)

Ayesha said...

i think you need to tell me the secret too i have so muchbaby FAT too lose lol... im in two minds on the boots but thats me thinking me lol there look good on you mind xxx

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

You go girl, I think they are fab :D shan't be weaqring them myself as my legs are so little I would be able to tuck my knickers in LOL :D
Back to the 80's here we go LOL -I'm going to stick to the rock chick look rather than shoulder pads and shell suits - somebody had a shell suit on at the 80's concert I went to last week, complete with a mullet wig LOL

J xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Good grief girl if you want a piar of over the knee boots, you have 'em! Don't count on my support for big hair or foot wide shoulder pads tho!!!

rebekah22 said...

LOL! Thanks for the vote of confidence girls :) I'm sure I'll update you if ever the boots make it in to my wardrobe!

Stephanie Parsloe said...

Get the boots, get the boots!!! I LOVE knee-highs (all though more often than not I can't get them to zip up properly (I have chunky calves!! haha) so reach for the 'thigh' and get some... I will if you will (oh, my jokes are ace!)

6 stone is amazing, well done you - have you scrapped a before and after LO?

Steph x