Sunday, 14 June 2009

Colourful photos

This week Shimelle has encouraged us to take photos in various colours. I'm rather stretched for time so couldn't do this justice and will def. be revisiting this when the marking finishes in a few week's time but here are some of my photos;

Some pretty pink petals

And my Dad's doggie

I love how the light falls on my friends at Elissa's christening.

I love blue in the garden. I combine it with orange for the most colourful and striking effect. So here's a photo of my blue pots, oh and a blue flower too!

Wednesday: A day for greys, shadows and black

Tuesday: A day for red, rose and pink

To be honest, I was all redded out after last week.

Perfect, on a day I was visiting my Dad at his allotment for the first time this season!
And I found this rusty old bin at the park :)

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