Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Good Friday!

Last night I went to Leigh's house. We were both pretty productive and I came home with 6 LOs, albeit without titles :)

The first one I did was this weeks challenge from the Scrappin' Gigglers. The challenge is;

1) Scrap a photo that made you giggle/laugh because we are The Scrappin’ Gigglers =10 points
2) Use 5 of an embelli for the 5 Olympic Rings because the games were restarted in April 1896 = 5 points
3) something sparkly and/or magical for Paul Daniels’ birthday and our Tanfastic who is always sparkly =10 points
4) a title or quote from Oscar Wilde who was arrested on this day in 1895 = 5 points

I love this photo! It makes me smile everything that I see it :) Connor is copying his older cousin and thinks that he's really funny. Bless him.

I had so many beach photos that I did another LO with some of the nicest ones of Connor and my cousins children.And this one of all of them using the American Crafts Craft fair range again. I used a Becky Fleck sketch for 'All the fun of the farm'. I had great fun using Leigh's cricut to cut out the little animals.

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voodoo vixen said...

Wow... you have been busy! You should go to Leigh's more often... me, I would end up chatting and getting nothing done!!
Love that photo of Connor driving the red car... brilliant!